PARTY RECIPES FOR AN X NIGHT for So What?, online group show, Company Gallery, NYC, 2020 ABANDONO EUROPA, for Schiefe Zähne, 2020 Mirror, Stage, Baby Introspective, Schwarzescafé Luma Westbau, Zurich Triple Ex, Schwarzescafé Luma Westbau, Zurich VERANO NEGRO OSCURO, Liste, Basel Picabia Collectible Baby Sweaters Heal Thyself, Head, Geneva Estado Real, Park View, Liste Basel RIDERS IN THE STORM, Bonny Poon, Paris, Marzo 2018 Broken Ego, Park View, Los Angeles, Noviembre 2017 Mega Porno, group installation and event, Colmegna Spa, Buenos Aires 2016 Graduazzione, Frankfurt 2015 Bulo 29, Edificio Kavanagh, B.A 2014 PUBLIC BULO Free use of atelier/meeting space inside Colmegna Spa with air conditioning and WI-FI. Emo Tribal Squad Indumentaria, rundgang, 2013 Isla Privada, Ciclo Performaton, MAMBA, 2013 Pappo's Vip, Buenos Aires, 2011 Vittoria, Boys and Friends, solo exhibition, Galeria Appetite, 2008 VIDEO HOMENAJE A BARBARA BIANCA LA VOGUE Ettiquete class@collectors houses, 2017 Ego parentum meorum museum