A compilation of video interviews conducted between the artist and the parents of her artist friends. An on going work. Gently guiding the conversation around narratives of 'becoming' with questions like when did you first notice your child was an artist, victoria asks us to play with the commonly accepted notion that an artist is an ab-normal, special, or otherwise disadvantaged creature albeit through the lense of someone who was a complice of some sort in the raising of. The question Do you consider what your childs does art (i.e would you hang it on your wall) conflates nurture notions of the dis and en-couragement garnered at the beginning of a project and pits them alongside the site related issue of value and judgment. By removing the names of the artists in the final edit, a 'One child' stream is forged where the narrative woven together serves more to unite the community of parents in the universe of video than it does attempt to answer the question of where artists come from.

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